Alex D Architects is an experienced architectural and property development practice based in Buckinghamshire offering services throughout the UK and Portugal.

A chartered practice in both countries (RIBA and ARB in UK, OA in Portugal), we offer a wide range of consultancy services to private clients across Architecture, Property Development, Project Management and Restoration of Old Buildings. 

We’re visionary in our work which is always balanced by our vast experience and strong focus on maximizing Return on Investment and achieving plans approval. 

Who chooses Alex D architects?

From home owners to developers, our Clients are:

- looking to add value, space or wow factor to an existing property 

- planning to build a new property or new development 

- looking to invest by creating and growing their own property portfolio.

Alexandre Durao
B.Arch, M.Arch, RIBA, ARB, OA




Alex has always had a love of British architecture. His passion is in spotting the opportunity to make something more from the seemingly ordinary and as a result has been involved in transforming a number of properties and development sites in the UK. Prior to this, Alex was a practicing Architect in Portugal where he was also a Director of both a construction and a project management company specializing in high-end residential. 


Alex studied architecture at ULHT, Lisbon and then obtained a Masters in Refurbishment of Old Buildings and Urban Areas from FAUTL, Lisbon.


Alex has also been involved in setting up and teaching Architectural and Construction courses for industry 
professionals and is regularly invited back to lecture on architectural design, construction drawings, and the conservation and rehabilitation of old buildings.